Spark SQL & Non-Historized Links (Release 4.2.0)

New major release πŸš€ for VaultSpeed is available. We introduce a new target platform with Apache Spark ⭐. Our users can now experience a giant leap in UX from our new source editor. We added support for non-historic links πŸ”— and last but not least: VaultSpeed Studio becomes available in open alpha.

Snowflake Procedures (Release 4.1.17)

VaultSpeed Release 4.1.17 includes important improvements for Snowflake ❄️. We also updated VaultSpeed Studio πŸ“ using valuable customer feedback. Finally, we partly redesigned ELT generation for Talend to increase generation speed 🏎️ and robustness.

Automated workflows for Apache Airflow

Automating DDL and ELT code saves you tonnes of time βŒ› , but it is not enough. Organise your data flows in a proper workflow solution ⏩. VaultSpeed delivers generated workflows (or DAG’s) for one of the most popular tools around: Apache Airflow πŸš€

Multi-Active Satellites and Related Links

New blogpost πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» by Dirk Vermeiren, our CTO. He describes challenges and solutions for the implementation of Links between Multi-Active Satellites with subsequence source attribute(s) πŸ’‘

VaultSpeed Studio (Release 4.1.16)

We proudly present VaultSpeed Studio 🎁. A built in template editor that enables you to start coding πŸ“ your very own VaultSpeed templates! With studio, our customers can start building customized integrations.

Referential Integrity Error Handling (Release 4.1.15)

VaultSpeed release 4.1.15 is live πŸŽ‰. The most important change is support for handling referential integrity issues in link tables πŸ”—.

Data Lineage Export (Release 4.1.14)

VaultSpeed release 4.1.14 brings new features concerning data lineage export, custom DDL options and UX enhancements for satellite splitting.

Cross Source Links (Release 4.1.12/13)

With release 4.1.12 and 4.1.13 we brought some interesting new features to our data vault modeling capabilities, the most important one being cross source link support. This saves our users even more development time πŸš€