Vaultspeed attending the KTU WANTed Career Days in Kaunas, LT

On Wednesday, October 16th, Vaultspeed attended the KTU WANTed Career Days 2019 at the Kaunas Žalgiris Arena. Being the largest career fair in the Baltics, this was an important event for us.
At the arena, visitors where able to visit our booth where they were assisted by members of our development team. We were very happy with all the attention and are keen on coming back next year!

Being a cloud vendor, Vaultspeed is always looking for talented people with interest for data-warehousing and/or UX development that have strong analytical skills, an open mind and a lot of positive energy.
At Vaultspeed we put the team first, we believe that 1 + 1 equals 3. So being a team player is also very important at Vaultspeed.

If you could not make it to our booth, or did not get the chance to talk to us please don't hesitate to contact us.



Vaultspeed Roundtable + Data Vault Modelling & Data Governance Conference

It has been a busy week for Vaultspeed and its partners Tripwire Solutions, DataSense, Sparkle, NXTData and Scalefree. 

On Wednesday they hosted a Vaultspeed Roundtable in Leuven. After an introduction by Agile Information Factory partner Piet De Windt,  some interesting cases were discussed.

Bart Gielen and customer VMM - Vlaamse Milieu Maatschappij discussed a data vault implementation using an intelligent mix of open source and vendor solutions. Pivotal Greenplum was chosen as DB platform while Vaultspeed was used as the automation tool. SQL coded ELT flows originating from Debezium based CDC are being orchestrated by an Apache Airflow scheduler. VMM has a lot of challenges coming up in data integration of large IoT data streams and this solution is what should make their architecture future proof.

Kristof Van de Loock presented a case together with his customer SYNTRA Vlaanderen. Vaultspeed automation was used to build a data vault on a Microsoft stack with SQLServer as the preferred DB platform. They integrated data from both internal, external and open data sources in a quest to add more value to their integrated data sets. SSIS was used for ELT and CDC was built using Attunity Replicate. At SYNTRA Vlaanderen, people where amazed by the speed at which Data Vault and automation can deliver actual value.




After lunch the vision and roadmap for Vaultspeed were discussed by Jonas De Keuster. At Vaultspeed we believe that digital leaders are made not only by experimenting with new technologies and exploiting their capabilities, this agile mindset is of course very important, but a truly successful strategy should also take into account the effort of integrating the data generated (and consumed) by all these new platforms. We believe that change has become the key issue and that the value cycle of data is different from the lifecycle of a single application. That is why we offer a tool that enables organisations to integrate their data into one single data hub, where the whole organisation can benefit from this effort, and to do this not once, but continuously.

Vaultspeed wants to invest heavily in making the complex process of building a data vault as easy as possible. We will keep improving towards intuitive graphical interfaces that should assist the user in the decision making process by implementing smart suggestions and eliminating as much of the manual work as possible. Also the tool should extend its capabilities to add custom logic so that our customers can work towards a tailor made solution for their data integration challenges.


To end the day, we had some interesting talks by Ivan Schotsmans (DV-Community) and Michael Olschimke (Scalefree) about data governance and the strengths of Data Vault 2.0. Michael shared some experiences at customers and explained how the maturity model can help organisations on defining where they are as a data organisation, and more importantly, help them decide on where they need to go, and deliver a roadmap towards that goal. Michael answered a lot of questions about pitfalls to avoid in data vault projects and it was great to see the interaction amongst participants around the table.


On Thursday we attented the Data Vault Modelling and Data Governance Conference hosted by IT Works and the Belgian Data Vault Community.


At the event, Koen Verheyen, data architect at Tripwire Solutions discussed an implementation at Argenta. This multi speed Data Hub is built on the Data Vault model and powered by Oracle technologies. A powerful Oracle Exadata platform using GoldenGate CDC and ODI ELT's provide the solution to integrate data from numerous sources into an integrated platform to serve multiple stakeholders inside and outside of the organisation. A powerful data governance framework was installed and should make sure that the entire organisation becomes more aware of the importance of data because only by a joint effort of business, IT and management can such a large integration project be truly successful.


Also at the event, our pre-sales manager Geert Huyskens was ready and able to demo our tool to the attendees of the Conference.

After all a very fruitful couple of days, with lots of interesting stuff going on. Thanks to all the participants for attending and joining the discussions. In the mean time our team at Vaultspeed is working hard towards helping our customers keeping their data, value and technology aligned, all the time.



Vaultspeed Round Table

On Wednesday 16th of October, Vaultspeed and its Belgian partners are organising a round table event at the Faculty Club in Leuven. The event will cover some interesting use cases on Data Vault implementations. Ivan Schotsmans of the Belgian Data Vault Community, will talk about best practises in Data Governance in combination with Data Vault. Last but not least, Michael Olschimke, CEO at Scalefree, will talk about the strengths of Data Vault and explain why it is the better solution.

Vaultspeed showcasing in hands on demo at WWDVC Europe!

Hannover - 10 September 2019



Today Vaultspeed was showcasing at the World Wide Data Vault Consortium in Hannover, Germany. Over 50 participants of the conference were able to create a data vault using our tool in a 2 hour session. In the demo, we included some new features like our new Graphical editor and also support for PIT tables.


The graphical editor enables users to implement large sources with a lot of objects in a way that keeps the entire process manageable. Participants were also able to see how our cloud solution allows you to set up a project in a matter of minutes so you can start building data vaults right away.

Vaultspeed will be at the conference the entire week. Our booth is fully equipped to give you a demo of the tool. On Thursday we will present another session that goes deeper into the advantages of using automation tools for data vault implementations on your data hub or data warehouse platform.

Vaultspeed Platinum Sponsor at WWDVC Europe

In a few weeks time, from 9th until 13th of September, Vaultspeed will be present as platinum sponsor at the Worldwide Datavault Conference hosted by our partner Scalefree in Hannover (Germany). At the conference we will showcase our tool in a 2 hour hands-on session. Great opportunity to get to know Vaultspeed. Learn more about the event and check the agenda on the WWDVC EU website.


Presenting the Vaultspeed roadmap to our Lithuanian colleagues

The first six months of 2019 were constructive and productive months at the Agile Automation Factory. Today we continue to step up the Vaultspeed development pace. 

In August 2019 our CTO Dirk Vermeiren traveled to Lithunia to present the Vaultspeed roadmap to our remote development team for the second half of 2019 and 2020. His presentation and trainings sparked inspiration in the entire team, strengthening our determination to continue enhancing our cutting-edge data warehouse automation tool. 

We are happy to announce that we will invest in new functionalities to further automate and accelerate our clients' data integration projects. And as the saying goes: "all work and no play ..." Every Vaultspeed event needs a healthy balance of work AND play. For this occasion, we chose to experience some speed and acceleration on the racetrack as well. 

To be continued ...



Immediate business value with the Data Vault 2.0 standard

The 2019 edition of the annual WWDVC (WorldWide Data Vault Consortium) was opened in Stowe, Vermont with a brainstorm session on the importance of the Data Vault standard. The outcome was unanimous: if you need to process massive data volumes or if you need a real-time data vault, working according to the official Data Vault 2.0 standard is the way to go. Using all three major components comprised in this standard - the Data Vault Model, the Methodology and the Systems Architecture – ensures the delivery of true business value in a matter of days.

The DV2.0 standard has a rock-solid track record: each element was thoroughly studied and tested during the setup of terabyte data warehouses. And this standardized way of working is exactly what Vaultspeed offers as well. But that's not all. The Vaultspeed development team of experts combine years of hands-on experience to create this data warehouse automation solutions that works: its easy setup and clean interface will automate any large-volume data warehouse.

Learn more at:

VAULTSPEED Data Vault 2.0 for Finance, Event organized by Scalefree in Frankfurt

Vaultspeed at the Scalefree Data Vault 2.0 for Finance conference in Frankfurt

Scalefree, the IT consultancy firm owned by Dan Lindsted and Michael Olschimke, organized a conference targeted at the financial sector. More than 50 attendees joined the conference in Frankfurt, representing financial institutions from the US, Germany, Belgium and other countries.

Today, the finance world has to deal with many silo legacy systems and an increasingly evolving demand for data, as a result of regulatory requirements and digitalization. The challenge: can working with the Data Vault standard bring the added value and data agility that the finance world urgently needs?

Dan Lindsted, the inventor of the Data Vault standard gave the opening presentation. His message in a nutshell was this: 

  • Data Vault is much more than a data modeling approach. It is a standard that includes people, processes and architecture. And it is a methodology that guarantees CMMI compliance level 5, when implemented accordingly. 
  • Data integration needs a similar approach, much like the innovation Henry Ford brought to the car industry. Standardization and automation will allow financial institutions to keep managing the ever-increasing data volumes.
  • Data Vault is a logical data model. The physical data model can be different, depending on the platform on which it is implemented: in the cloud, on premise, relational or file based, etc. It does not have to be on a single central platform. That’s how Data Vault supports the idea of Data Hubs, as referred to by Gartner.

During the event, we introduced Vaultspeed, our data warehouse automation tool that can also help financial organizations to profit from agile automation through Data Vault 2.0 modeling. We illustrated our experience in the finance sector with the Argenta and Bank Degroof Petercam customer cases. 

Michael Olschimke, CEO at Scalefree, closed the conference by sharing a few best practices for financial institutions to get started with automated data warehousing according to the Data Vault 2.0. standard. 

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