4.1.1 DB Links

An overview of the database links can be found by through the

button. This will open a screen listing all your links. Click

to add a new link.
You can choose whether to define your link in the cloud application or in the “connections.properties” file of the Agent, if you do not want to put your database location and login into the cloud application. The (source type dependent) format for the URLs in the properties file can be found at JDBCURL formats.
Choosing the Agent Properties File option will require you to input the name of the link as defined in the file and the database type.

Choosing Settings Form and picking the database type will show the settings that have to be filled-in to build the URL.

After adding the links, the DB links screen will show all your links, with URL if the Settings Form was used. You can also edit the URL here if you have made any mistakes or have to change some settings for the link to an existing source.