4.1 Creation

To create a new source, click the


Choose a name for the source, select your project and fill out the rest of the fields.

The Short name is the name that will be used in the satellite names to indicate from which source they originate. The Source System Business Key is the value that will be inserted into the corresponding column to indicate from which source system the record is loaded.

Change data capture determines which type of CDC is available for this source.

Two options are available for Source Type: “FILE” and “RDBMS”. If you choose “FILE”, you will need to upload one or more files later. Note, that the files will NOT be uploaded to the cloud. Only the metadata will be parsed and sent. See File source formats for the desired structure of the flat files.

If you choose “RDBMS”, two more fields appear, requiring you to select a Database Link (or add a new one) and specify the Physical schema of your source.

Make sure the Build flag is set to “Yes”, if you want this source to be included in the data vault after completing a release.

All filled out, the form should look somewhat like this:


to add the source.
You can check the parameters for this source by clicking

The principles explained earlier also apply here (i.e. Source Specific flag).

If you want to include multiple sources in a data vault, you need to modify the values of the schema names in your source parameters to avoid naming conflicts.

When you click on your source, a few tabs will appear in the top bar.