Go to the Graphical Overview tab to see what your source looks like, this is especially useful for checking whether all your relations are defined.


and then

to get an overview of all your objects and their relations. You can click the

button, to enlarge the viewing window. The direction of the arrow is the same as the relation e.g. the table “countries” has a column “region_id ” that references the primary key “region_id” of “regions”.


, choosing 2 objects from the drop down menus that appear and clicking

will show you the shortest path between those objects or if no path was found, the 2 objects with their neighbors.


and choosing an object from the drop down menu, choosing a depth and clicking

will show you the all the objects around the selected one up to the defined depth.
Clicking the

button will make it such that the objects with their attributes are shown. This shows between which attributes the relations are. This will generate a large network for large sources, therefore, it is not recommended to use

as it may take a long time to render.

switch will make such that the current state of that source as seen in the Objects tab is compared to the previous release, before you started to apply changes in the Objects tab. New or re-enabled relations will show up as green and disabled and removed relations as yellow.