When all the errors are fixed by changing names, adding or removing constraints, etc… you can continue to the next step. Before continuing, make sure to press the refresh button next to the search bar, this will remove the error messages if the error is fixed or add new errors if you changed some things that cause new
errors. Note that if you continue while there are still errors, the tables with errors will not be included in your new build. Clicking on the New Build tab will give you two options, one of which is

, which will create a new build that you can continue editing, this allows you to add changes in chunks.


option means that you are done editing in the Objects tab. All your changes for that release will be locked and the “Create final version” task will be queued. Once you have created the final build, no edits can be done in the Objects tab.

When the task is finished, go back to the Releases & Builds tab. You may notice the lock icon is now closed to indicate that this release is locked.

When you go to the Releases & Builds tab and click the

button, you can see all your builds. Selecting a build and going back to the Objects tab will show you the state of your source during that build. Note that you can only edit the latest build and only if it is a prototype build. Clicking on the release will reveal a new tab, HUBS & SATS.

Navigate to this tab. It will allow you to change some settings for the data vault objects generated from this source.