6.1 ODI settings

Navigate to the Generation Tool Settings menu and select ODI Settings
and Generation
. Here, you will find settings used for ODI

In the Connection Information tab, you can specify ODI connection strings.

Add a new ODI connection string by clicking

Make sure to add the correct connection string for your database, and fill in the proper information for your master/work repository.

Go to the User Configuration subtab and click

to add your ODI user. This is usually the SUPERVISOR user.

In the Topology tab, you can specify some of the mapping properties. Start by adding a new physical datastore (in ODI: “Data Server”) in the Physical Datastore subtab. Then, create physical and corresponding logical schemas for all your source schemas in the Physical Schema and Logical Schema subtabs. Once all schemas have been made, link them in the Context Schema tab. You can also add agents in the Physical Agents, Logical Agents and Context Agents subtabs.

In the Model tab, you must specify the models you will be generating in ODI.
Everything else should be sorted out automatically, but feel free to check.

In particular, have a look at the Folders tab to review the folder structure that will be generated.