In the DDL Settings tab, you can create custom DDL settings.

Firstly, choose a name and click

Now, select the database type.

You should see all the available parameters on the left. Turning them on will show the result in the example DDL statement on the right. Some parameters such as Data tablespace will create an additional input field that needs to be filled out.

There are also two extra empty fields, at the beginning and at the end, to add extra options if so desired.

to save the settings. You can also load saved settings by clicking

and choosing your settings from the list.
To apply your settings click

Choose the layer you want to affect and choose the settings preset you just created. Select an object from the list, then click

to apply.
Once you save some settings to an object, the save date and the name of the settings will be shown in the overview of all your sources or data vaults.

If you choose a layer other that the foundation layer, you can save a preset of every database type to this source, so make sure that the database type you use matches the database type of the data vault this source belongs to.