In ODI, connect to the work repository you specified in the “Connection Information” tab.

f you want to deploy everything manually, unzip _GENERATE_ETL.zip and run the “CREATE_PROJECT” Groovy script. This script should add everything required to create the mappings.

An example physical/logical architecture:

Reverse-engineered models:

A project folder where your mappings will be generated:

Now you can deploy the other generated groovy scripts if you are deploying everything manually, the first number in the file name indicate in which order the scripts should be executed (lowest to highest).
You will find some .sql files among your Groovy files. Execute these first as indicated by the order.

Now you can run your .groovy files to generate your mappings in ODI. Now your project folder should be filled with additional subfolders and mappings.

There are now also scenarios for all your mappings.