Navigating the Complexities of Cloud Data Management

June 1st, 2023

Data in the Clouds Conference, October 18

Making the right choices

In an era where data has become the lifeblood of businesses, companies worldwide are increasingly turning to cloud infrastructure. However, the practicalities of seamlessly integrating and analyzing data in the cloud present significant challenges.

These challenges stem from the diversity of data formats and sources, each necessitating specific configuration and data transformation. Moreover, when dealing with substantial data volumes, even with the advantages of cloud-based solutions, orchestrating and optimizing mechanisms becomes imperative to ensure smooth loading.

Effective cloud data management

To gain a deeper understanding of the intricate landscape of data management in the cloud, the upcoming Data in the Clouds event, scheduled for October 18, offers invaluable insights. This hybrid event which can be attended live in Cologne, Germany, or virtually from anywhere in the world, promises to delve into the latest trends and best practices in cloud data management.Coordinated by INFOMOTION, our esteemed Sapphire partner, this event will provide attendees with actionable insights for navigating the intricacies of the cloud data ecosystem.The afternoon session will showcase real-world case studies that highlight successful implementations of cloud data technologies. Seasoned experts from Snowflake, Alation, Dataiku, Matillion, and QPR will share their experiences and best practices.

Automated data transformation

Koen Verheyen, Head of Partner Solutions at VaultSpeed, will deliver a presentation titled 'Abstract ETL: the Next Industry Standard for Automated Data Transformation.'

This session will explore the importance of advanced automation tools that seamlessly blend relational and transformational modeling. Data engineers require automation support on both fronts: data integration into relational databases (DML) and data transformation from source to target (DML and workflow DAGs).

Key concerns in the cloud

Attendees will also gain insights from other experts on how to safeguard their data in the cloud while adhering to compliance requirements, given that data security and regulatory compliance remain key concerns.Cloud technologies provide the flexibility to scale IT infrastructure as needed. Some sessions will delve deeply into optimizing cloud system performance while simultaneously achieving cost savings.

Sharing experiences

The afternoon session will conclude with networking opportunities, allowing participants to establish valuable contacts and share experiences.

Mark your calendars
for October 18 and embark on a journey to explore the future of data in the cloud, whether you choose to attend in person in Cologne, Germany, or virtually.

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