How to Create a Strong Data Foundation for AI

November 30th, 2023, 6:30PM - 12:00AM ( GMT+1 )



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Exclusive AI Roundtable

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the business world, revolutionizing customer service, sales, cybersecurity, supply chain management, and more.

As companies embrace AI and machine learning, the critical factor that determines success is the quality and availability of underlying data. A strong foundation of data modeling and automated integration and transformation is the key to delivering consistent, accurate, and timely data for AI-driven applications.

Join our roundtable, powered by DataSense & VaultSpeed, where data leaders come together to broaden the conversation. It's more than just investing in AI initiatives; it's about effectively allocating resources and ensuring adoption to boost efficiency, gain insights, and explore new markets at scale.

Insights from industry experts

Pierre Everard, IT Data Management Manager from Degroof Petercam, will share how they built a robust data foundation. Business informatics professor Benoît Depaire will unveil two strategic approaches to managing AI in a business context. Kim Smets, Vice President of Data and Analytics at Telenet, will explain how to successfully implement and adopt AI throughout the organization.

Pierre Everard is a senior executive, developer, and Service Line Manager of the IT Data Management team at Degroof Petercam, boasting over 13 years of dedicated service to the company. He holds the esteemed certification of a Data Vault 2.0 practitioner.

Dr. Benoît Depaire is a Full Professor of Business Informatics at Hasselt University. With his deep expertise in leveraging AI to enhance business processes and decision-making, Dr. Depaire will offer a unique perspective that goes beyond conventional wisdom.

Kim Smets is the Vice President of Data and Analytics at Telenet and a seasoned manager of high-performing teams. He has spearheaded several data transformations and has unleashed the power of data to drive business results.

Join us at the MAS Museum in Antwerp

Join us on November 30th at the top floor of the MAS Museum in Antwerp for these inspiring talks, an exquisite dinner, and breathtaking views of Antwerp.

18.30 - 18.40

Welcome and Introductions
18.45 - 19.00Starters

19.00 - 19.30Strong Data FoundationPierre Everard
Service Line Manager,
Bank Degroof Petercam
19.30 - 19.45Main course
19.45 - 20.15AI doesn't matterBenoît Depaire
Professor Business Informatics,
Hasselt University
20.15 - 20.30Dessert
20.30 - 21.00Unlocking business potential: The Data & AI approach at TelenetKim Smets
Vice President of Data and Analytics,
21.00 - …Networking & Drinks

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