Whitepaper: Accelerate the mapping of your business taxonomy with VaultSpeed

5 July 2021|In Events, Knowledge|By Jonas De Keuster

Learn how the VaultSpeed automation tool is designed to transfer any business taxonomy you might think of, into the raw Data Vault layer.
The Raw Data Vault (RDV) contains what Data Vault 2.0 calls the ‘Single Version of the Facts’. Facts are nothing more than the raw, historical, unfiltered data from the sources.

The Business Data Vault (BDV) aligns business keys/terms from the source system with the different business views in order to ensure compliance. Different viewpoints coexist and are all regarded by Data Vault 2.0 to be valid versions of the truth.

You’ll discover that these ‘versions of the Truth’ and the ‘Single version of Facts’ can truly blend.