Introducing Data Warehouse Automation on Azure Synapse

Save your teams months of headache by automating the processes of multi-source data integration, Data Vault modeling and ETL/DDL code generation.

VaultSpeed is the default choice for companies that opt for cloud analytics

  • Pre-built integration with Azure Data Factory, Azure Purview & Azure Synapse.
  • Code-free approach to integrate and model different data from a multitude of sources and technologies, covering at this stage 2220 combinations
  • Cloud-native, Data Vault 2.0 certified

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Data integration and modeling made easy

VaultSpeed provides an intuitive graphical interface, guided setup and extensive support to turn your automation efforts into results.

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Continuous pipeline deployment

VaultSpeed seamlessly connects with Azure Synapse Analytics and sends instructions to build the pipelines and create a Data Vault model that suits your needs.

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Creating workflow schedules

Use VaultSpeed’s flow management control (FMC) add-on module to ensure that all data pipelines are executed at the right time, in the right order.

FMC Azure Data Factory

Automation to the full


The average degree
of automation


Minimal acceleration of
data warehouse delivery

300 days

Time saved on upfront manual work

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