Ultra-Automated Data Transformation for Productivity and Agility
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Ultra-automated data transformation

Move faster and extract more value from your cloud data warehouse, lakehouse, or mesh by automating every step, from setup to maintenance and beyond.

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Stop piecing together data source by source

We generate a comprehensive relational data model based on your source metadata, which you can easily adapt to your business needs using our intuitive point-and-click interface.

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Data integration automated

We automate the transformation code to integrate diverse physical data sources in alignment with your conceptual data model. Our built-in integration templates generate ETL and DDL instructions for a vast array of technologies, encompassing 2220 unique setup combinations.

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Automate custom logic as well

Create custom templates to apply your business-specific logic – think of how you calculate your KPIs –­ across all data presentations, making your data ready for use by your AI and analytics applications.

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Your blueprint for cloud data management success


VaultSpeed no-code automation helps you shorten the time to your first enterprise-wide relational data model release to 5 days, without incurring technical debt.


As sources, tech and views change, our data model adapts, with its unique signature tagging, based on Data Vault 2.0 standards. Just harvest the new metadata —no need to start over.


We've bridged the theory-practice gap, delivering advanced features such as migration scripts, delete management, multi-active satellites, satellite splits, and support for customer edge cases.

Built open


VaultSpeed's automation template language is designed to be minimally target-specific, ensuring seamless integration with a broader range of leading data platform solutions such as Snowflake or Databricks, and more ETL, CDC, governance and source technologies than any competitor.


Our cloud-native setup ensures all learnings are shared across all customers, and drastically lowers the total cost of ownership.


VaultSpeed works with all types of structured source data across all modalities (batch, streaming) towards all data architectures (data warehouse, data lakehouse, data mesh).


We don’t try to be the best at everything—we collaborate with third parties such as Apache Airflow for orchestration and dataops.live for CI/CD capabilities.

Supported Technologies

Designed for efficiency


Create and change your data warehouse or lakehouse model by simply setting data stack parameters and selecting source object and attribute categories.

Metadata repository

Effortlessly store and group diverse metadata types for seamless support of migrations, versioning, delta releases and machine learning.

Automation templates

Efficiently convert repetitive logic into data transformation code, enabling you to apply both integration and business logic seamlessly.