7 steps to faster data warehouse automation

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Delivering unparalleled automation of upfront data warehouse design and development. Fully compliant with Data Vault 2.0.

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  • 1. Harvesting metadata

    Your data is everywhere. Our tool captures metadata from each of your sources to get a comprehensive, company-wide data view. To speed up the process, you can filter objects and attributes.

  • 2. Tech stack parametrization

    Integrating data can be tricky. Luckily, our built-in templates provide integration logic for every possible combination of source, target, CDC and ETL technologies. All you have to do is specify settings.

  • 3. Business model mapping

    Don’t build your data model from scratch. VaultSpeed offers a consolidated Data Vault model based on the metadata we collect from your sources. You can modify that model to better match your business needs.

  • 4. ETL & DDL code generation

    Just push the button and grab a coffee during automatic reusable DDL and ETL code generation. The code dictates how the Data Vault model must be built and provides data loading instructions.

  • 5. Pipeline deployment

    Our tool connects with your ETL tool & DWH platform and sends instructions to build the pipelines and create a Data Vault model that reflects and suits your business.

  • 6. Orchestrated data loading

    VaultSpeed connects with your Airflow, Matillion or Azure Data Factory scheduler to start loading source data in the data warehouse, making it analysis-ready on the spot.

  • 7. Continuous automation

    When sources are added or technologies get upgraded, you just have to adapt parameters and incorporate the changes in your existing model. No need to start anew.

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