Template coding
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Template coding

Automation done right​

An introduction

Data automation templates

Creating repeatable logic

An automation template is a piece of code that embodies repeatable logic. The logic can cover a wide range of functions, including ​data integration logic​ (such as Data Vault), ​business logic​ (e.g., calculating total sales and revenue), and ​testing logic​ (to verify if A equals B). You could compare automation templates to piece​s​ of SQL code.

However, instead of dealing with physical data runtime components (​ ​tables, views, ​ ​attributes​, etc.​), ​automation ​templates use abstract signature components to achieve higher abstraction.

Coding automation templates

​​Automation templates are built by a process of​ template coding. ​VaultSpeed has created a substantive template coding language for this purpose: VaultSpeed Template Studio.

It’s tailored to capture repetitive SQL patterns — unlike existing template coding languages such as Pebble or Jinja, which are limited in their effectiveness for data automation since they were initially designed to generate dynamic web app content.​​​​​​ ​​​ ​

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Template engine

Translating template language into physical runtime

The template engine is the interpreter that translates the template ​code ​​ ​into physical runtime code ​such as ​DDL, ETL and workflow code. It does this translation for all metadata objects that are dependent ​on a​​ ​ specific template.

Built-in integration templates

Out-of-the-box template code for your data and tech stack

VaultSpeed’s built-in integration templates support repeatable logic for a vast array of sources and technologies, covering 2220 unique combinations, including the most common and edge use cases.

By using these pretested templates, ​which ​adhere to Data Vault standards, data teams can save on an enormous amount of ​work ​repeatedly testing and building​,​ ​ ​and avoid costly errors that by definition will repeat themselves many times.

Business Template Studio

VaultSpeed’s ​T​emplate ​S​tudio allows data teams to create their own templates to automate custom business logic. ​Users can​ create proper signature components ​to​ easily apply repeatable logic within a business context. These business templates can be shared with other users within or even outside your organization, creating a true metrics store.

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Metadata repository

Collecting and connecting source metadata to get the full picture.

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