VaultSpeed Data Warehouse Automation - Secure by Design

Secure by design

VaultSpeed automation is designed
for security and compliance.


Secure connection

We believe that simplicity is the key to security. That's why we provide a separate, secure Java agent to handle all communication between your data infrastructure and our cloud native application.

Full control and traceability

Ensure that your team members only have access to the resources they need to perform their duties, while also keeping track of who did what.

Improved security on demand

We can deliver tailored solutions for customers requiring above-standards security, regulation compliance, etc.

Accessing metadata only

Your data is 100% safe. Our automation tool only requires the metadata from your sources, never the actual data values. Metadata securely stored in VaultSpeed's cloud conforms to the latest security standards and undergoes regular penetration testing.

Cloud architecture

Automation for companies that move their data to the cloud.

Cloud-native automation

Tech stack integration

VaultSpeed fits with your sources & other tools. No need to replace.


Graphical interface

Navigate complexity with ease. You can't go wrong.

Data modeling

Discover how to deploy your data warehouse faster.