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At VaultSpeed, a talented and varied group of people are perfecting data transformation automation to do complex work tasks.

What we do

As the science fiction writer William Gibson famously said, "The future is already here. It's just not evenly distributed."

Together at VaultSpeed, we have been relentlessly working on a tool to improve efficiency and productivity within the data engineering world. It pushes the boundaries of the automated cloud warehouse, lakehouse or mesh and lowers the costs of integration and consolidation, and increases adoption.

To make this – and a near-zero churn – possible, we've brought together a diverse but cohesive team of individuals that love to build, learn and play. Today, we're growing faster than ever across offices in Leuven, Seattle, London, Vilnius and Klaipéda.

Our core values

Being purposeful

Learning fast — through empowered teams, clear hypotheses and astute questioning — leads to better results.

Celebrating our wins

We try to align corporate objectives with individual goals. We value
the direct experience of small successes and small victories.


We focus on cooperating with partners in communities and ecosystems to create value in ways that no single organization can manage alone.

Supporting yourself and your team

We encourage team members to feel comfortable asking for help and taking the time to offer it.


We welcome dedicated people who might look, think, feel and act differently to the norm.


To communicate well, you listen first. You treat everyone with respect, always, even when you disagree. You stay calm in stressful situations.

Taking responsibility

We value people who are self motivating, self aware, disciplined, self improving and who act like a leader. People who understand and act on what’s needed, rather than waiting to be told what to do.


Our teams are growing and spreading globally, with many employees working remotely. Using tools like Slack, Jira and Teams, everyone can interact and engage across the company. Remote and hybrid work is the new normal.

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What our employees say about VaultSpeed

Career opportunities

Explore our open roles for working remotely, from the office or somewhere in between.