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Template Studio

Automate custom business logic

Build industry-specific metrics stores.
VaultSpeed’s template engine allows you to automate custom business logic on top of the integration layer. ​

Custom template building

We've foreseen 2220 business logic combinations in our integration templates to streamline the building of your Data Vault. But what if you need something specific to your company? And how do you build the presentation layer on top of Data Vault?

With VaultSpeed Studio, our custom template-building add-on module, we’ve got you covered.

Template Studio lets you automate logic beyond Raw Data Vault borders — to apply the same company-specific exchange rates everywhere, for example. Or to create business views that put a GDPR protective layer on top of your raw data. Or to automate your dimension and facts for the data marts.

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Template coding interface

Repeatability vs customization

VaultSpeed covers almost any object in the Raw Data Vault. We also cover standard PITs and Bridges tables in the Business Vault area. These objects are highly repeatable as they look the same in every organization.

However, presentation areas and certain business vault objects require more customization and creativity. VaultSpeed Studio enables you to build templates for objects that are less repeatable and require more customization.

Automation spectrum

Multi-layered templates

Our Template Studio module gives engineers the keys to our automation engine. They get the ability to code custom templates to build any structure they want on top of the Raw Vault. Template Studio is multi-layered. You can build templates and use the metadata elements you created in subsequent layers.



  1. You want to build custom-calculated satellites on top of the Raw Vault to calculate lifetime on all fields that contain birthdates, start- or opening dates. You get to build a specific template to automate lifetime calculation.
  2. Then you want to build PITs (Point in Time) on top of all satellites for a hub, including the computed SATs. You can use the metadata of those computed satellites and incorporate them into your PIT templates.
  3. And finally, you also want to build a virtual dimension on top of those PITs and satellites: just add another template layer that uses the structures of the PITs and satellites.

Signature schemas, objects and attributes

To allow users to structure templates in multiple layers, we provide signature schemas and signature objects. A signature schema will define a database schema to which you can deploy data structures. For example, the information mart schema or the Business Vault schema (the latter is the default).

A signature object will define a particular object type. For example, a dimension, a custom pit, a computed satellite, or a fact. These signatures can be reused in subsequent layers to build one template on top of another.

VaultSpeed templates are built based on metadata, categorized in fields defined by signature attributes. Our standard templates use highly generic signature attributes (Business Keys, Relation Keys, etc.) for the generation of Raw Data Vault objects.

Studio enables you to build custom templates, creating custom signature attributes to which generic logic can be applied (repeatable pattern). The more generic a signature attribute, the more repeatable the patterns that you can create with them.

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Template studio Signature Attributes

Assign signatures attributes

Watch a demo

Put the principles of low-code automation into practice and create repeatable patterns to automate the presentation layer. Spoiler alert, the best way to go about it is to build simple star schemas on top of the Data Vault using a multi-layered approach.

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