Data warehouse automation
built for the cloud

As scalable as you need. With the performance you’ve always wanted.

Why cloud native
is better


VaultSpeed matches any workload with the right computing resources. Our scalability and elasticity make us the first choice to support any implementation of a cloud data warehouse.

Easy integration

Our cloud-based setup eliminates many of the challenges associated with the integration of best-of-breed technologies — in what is now known as the Hybrid Cloud. Just install our Java agent that harvests metadata from your sources and deploys the necessary code. Access your modeling work through a browser.

Reduced costs

Cloud native architecture reduces infrastructure costs, that's for sure. But no need to pay runtime costs either. We don't charge for loading data, only for jobs related to building and adapting the data model.

Hybrid cloud security

Your data, applications, and infrastructure are protected.


Tech stack integration

VaultSpeed fits with your sources & other tools. No need to replace.


Graphical interface

Navigate complexity with ease. You can't go wrong.

Data modeling

Switch to a modern analytics infrastructure

with peace of mind