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Metadata repository

Collecting and connecting source metadata to get the full picture

Collecting metadata

VaultSpeed​ is designed to effortlessly extract metadata from all sources, providing a comprehensive company-wide data view. We require metadata at the source data model, object and attribute levels, including primary and unique keys, relationships and, ideally​,​ data profiling metadata.

This enables us to gain a more accurate understanding of your data and its structure, which can help us provide better proposals for your target data model.

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Connecting metadata

All harvested metadata is securely stored in a smart metadata repository that resides in a database within VaultSpeed's secure cloud environment. The repository can store both source and target metadata, along with abstract signature components and their relationships. Additionally, it is equipped with a smart rule engine that analyzes source metadata to propose the best solution for your data integration challenge.

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Signature components

Signature components serve as the connecting thread between the physical and abstract world. It enables the application of repeatable logic. They group physical runtime components into ‘signature groups’. They can be applied across all metadata levels, including schema, object and attribute levels, facilitating abstraction across various physical objects. The Data Vault standard uses standard signatures ​such as ​hubs or business keys, ​and​ we create a business-driven signature group for all objects or attributes that contain GDPR-sensitive data

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Metadata versioning

Proper metadata versioning is crucial for keeping track of changes within your data runtime. Our repository provides versioning at multiple levels ​–​ source, data vault, business vault​ ​ and data mart ​–​ ensuring that you always have access to the right version. Moreover, you can easily track back to the latest successful release in case of any issues or mistakes.

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Vaultspeed stores both the source metadata and target metadata along with their relationship, enabling the delivery of complete technical lineage from source to target. This feature can prove very useful while performing impact analys​e​s or providing input for data governance tools.

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Accessibility, API and metadata export

The metadata repository is accessible through our GUI, API or SDK. It also has full export functionality, allowing you to deliver metadata to any stakeholders.

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