Data warehouse automation

The fastest data warehouse automation tool on the market

Choose VaultSpeed automation to get your data warehouse up and running in 3 months. Most competitor solutions will get the job done in 9 months.

Mainly because we don't ask you to write code to make automation work for your specific data and technology stack.

VaultSpeed provides built-in templates to automate multi-source data integration, data warehouse modeling and ETL/DDL code generation.

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No-code automation

We've got you covered

Vaultspeed automation is designed to integrate and model different data from a multitude of sources and technologies, covering 2220 combinations, all vetted and pretested.

Graphical interface

Navigate complexity with ease

VaultSpeed provides an intuitive graphical interface, guided setup and extensive support to turn your automation efforts into results.

Navigate complexity with ease

No need to restart from scratch

When sources are added or technologies get upgraded, you only need to adapt parameters and incorporate the changes in your existing model.

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Faster and more efficient

  • Controlled execution: take the risk and uncertainty out of your DWH projects.
  • Data completeness: no more poor decisions based on partial information.
  • Fast deployment: accelerate DWH deployment without technical debt.
  • No runtime costs: we don't charge for the data loading, only for the integration, modeling and automation processes.
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Deliver on time and on budget


The average degree
of automation


Minimal acceleration of
data warehouse delivery

300 days

Time saved on upfront manual work

The time for data warehouse automation
has come - are you ready?