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Watch the videos below to learn how VaultSpeed automates multi-source data integration to Microsoft Fabric, while you remain in control. Sit back, relax and start streaming!

See how it's done


When you want to centralize all your data in one repository, you need to start by identifying which sources contain what type of information on which entities.

Check out this quick video to see how we let you select and parameterize your sources, so VaultSpeed can automatically harvest all your source metadata.


Tired of solving the data puzzle piece by piece? VaultSpeed has got your back.

Watch and learn how our tool suggests a target model based on the harvested source metadata.

And the best part? You get to customize it effortlessly by tagging the key entities and information you actually need.


In this video, watch how you set source and system parameters to make sure that data integration automation works for your specific data and technology stack.

No need for further action on your part.

The Vaultspeed tool automatically selects and applies the adequate prebuilt template code that contains the DDL and ETL instructions on transforming and integrating the data from each source into your target data model.


Discover how we automate the transformation code to integrate diverse physical data sources in alignment with your relational data model.

Our built-in integration templates generate ETL and DDL instructions for a vast array of sources and technologies, encompassing 2220 unique combinations.


Build custom templates to apply your business-specific logic – think of how you calculate your KPIs –­ across all data presentations in the information layer.


Select generation ETL and load type, preview the generated code and launch the automatic deployment of the pipeline for the ETL tools and target technology of your choice. It’s that easy.


Lay back and let the populating of your data model begin. You’re getting accustomed to what automation can do for you.


Adapting your platform's data model becomes essential as sources and business perspectives evolve. Discover how easily you can launch a new model release that seamlessly incorporates these changes.

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