Partner Sales Training agenda

The goal of these training sessions is to equip your sales team with knowledge about the VaultSpeed sales process, contracts, value proposition, and more. This knowledge is essential for VaultSpeed to achieve the growth in business we aim to attain in collaboration with our partners.

During the training, you'll gain insights into VaultSpeed's perspective on:

  • Sales Basics: make sure we all speak the same language
  • Customers: target customers, finding new prospects
  • Pitching: how to pitch the VaultSpeed added value
  • Product: knowledge about the product offering
  • Professional Services: what kind of Services does VaultSpeed offer
  • Sales Process: what does the VaultSpeed sales process look like
  • VaultSpeed contracts: how are the VaultSpeed contracts created
  • Post-Sales activities: what happens after a sale is closed

The next scheduled sessions are listed below: