Technical resources

Learn the ins and outs about working with Vaultspeed with these technical resources.

  • Cookbook: This document guides you through Vaultspeed step by step. It explains how to set it up from scratch.
  • Knowledge base: We are happy to share all our knowledge on Data Vault 2.0 and Vaultspeed, as well as everything we know about cloud applications, Java agents, generated code, flow management control application, user management, change logs, workflow management, and loading procedures.

Vaultspeed Academy

Let’s make complexity simple. Vaultspeed is the SaaS solution to translate your business decisions and context to the Data Vault 2.0 standard. To get started with Vaultspeed, you need to understand how Data Vault 2.0. modeling works and which logic the tool will generate based on your decisions. You can configure Vaultspeed to generate the required code for your ETL. The configuration and parametrization is done via an enforced and easy-to use-process that prevents any non-compliance with the standard.

Vaultspeed training
IT background
Knowledge of the Data Vault 2.0 basics is a plus
Getting started with Vaultspeed

Setting up the local agent and the parameter sets

Integrating multiple source systems and generating a datavault using Vaultspeed. Using VaultSpeed to build your Business Vault Layer

Training exercises guide you through the complete process.
Architects, ETL developers, Functional & Technical analysts, Technical Architects, ETL developers, Technical Analysts
Graduates will receive a Certificate of completion

Data Vault 2.0

Data Vault 2.0 training is organized by our partners:

Looking for a Data Vault 2.0 training, hosted by Scalefree, the inventors of Data Vault?

Consult their training calendar

Vaultspeed Community

We support the Data Vault community and work in partnership with Scalefree, the body of knowledge on Data Vault 2.0.

Service Desk

Questions? Need help? Our pool of technical experts is ready to assist you with:

  • Your Data Vault implementation
  • The automation of your Data Vault 2.0 layer
  • Any questions on data modeling and the modeling of your Data Vault 2.0 layer
  • Any Integration questions on your existing ELT/ETL tool, metadata management tool or your agent

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