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Service desk 2.0

July 5th, 2021

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Jonas De Keuster
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We updated our service desk! VaultSpeed offers out of the box data vault automation for which we include support in case of any issues. We’ve been working hard to improve our support desk with some great new features to ensure that it will be easier to find the help you’re looking for.

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The new service portal

Support Levels

Service desk tickets are handled at 3 levels:

  • First-line support: the entry support level where all information is gathered for your request and solved quickly using known solutions.
  • Second-line support: if first-line support can not quickly solve the request, more in-depth analysis is needed. The second line will also decide if development needs to be included.
  • Third line support: this is the development team that will dive into the code to fix the issue.

Support Types

Self Service

Enter your question in the search box and the system will automatically look for possible solutions. If the proposed documents do not help you in any way, choose whether you have an “Account Management” request or a “Technical Assistance” request.

Technical Assistance

Customers can request technical assistance through the service desk by reporting technical issues, suggesting improvements, making feature requests, etc.

Account Management

The service desk is also used for account management. You can use it to request a new user, remove a user, obtain billing information, request training, request on-site implementation assistance, etc.

Support License Plans

All VaultSpeed licences contain basic support and come with 24h response times. We also sell additional Support plans based on your needs.