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VaultSpeed enters the official Data Vault 2.0 certification program

April 7th, 2021

Image Vault Speed enters the official Data Vault 2 0 Certification Program

The Data Vault Alliance proudly announced their brand new Certified Software Vendor Program. VaultSpeed is happy to enter this new program as a continuation of our earlier certification efforts.

Why we use Data Vault 2.0?

VaultSpeed has based its automation engine for the integration layer on Data Vault 2.0. We have made this decision with a few key constraints in mind: Flexibility, agility, support to have multiple versions of the truth, repeatability and the use of a standard. Data Vault provides us with the best answer to these constraints.

Data Vault is very flexible as you can just add new business elements to the model without affecting previous efforts. Data Vault can easily absorb those changes. For the same reasons, it is a perfect fit for an agile approach. You can chop the entire workload in small, manageable sprints.

While there may be such a thing as the “single version of the truth”, we believe that it is almost impossible to obtain. Not everybody has the same point of view and this view may also change over time. This means that you will always have more versions of the truth. To achieve this, Data Vault starts from having a single version of the facts, this is the stable factor you need to be able to deliver multiple versions of the truth and still manage the data integration effort over time.

Data Vault is also perfect for automation. You can define a clear relation between source metadata and the the target model, and you can do so by using a limited set of repeatable patterns.

Vault Speed enters the official Data Vault 2 0 Certification Program 2

Why did VaultSpeed choose to be certified?

VaultSpeed values the Data Vault Standard for all the benefits it brings like resilience to change and repeatable patterns. Data Vault provides the foundation for automation. Being able to work with a well defined standard that is documented, used across the world, updated and safeguarded over time is key. In fact, this enables everyone to speak the same language. This emphasizes the importance of the Data Vault Alliance, led by founding father Dan Linstedt, as the organisation that sets the Data Vault standard. For these reasons we also want to have VaultSpeed Data Vault 2.0 certified by the DVA in order to prove that VaultSpeed provides the means to work by that very same standard.

Certified Data Vault 2.0

Starting in 2019 we started a track to get our tool certified togheter with Empowered Holdings and Scalefree.

Empowered Holdings, LLC and Scalefree teamed up in 2019 to work with VaultSpeed to get their Data Vault automation tool certified to Data Vault 2.0 standards. We are happy to announce that as of 2020, they have passed the tool certification process.

Certified Software Vendor Program

As of January 2021, Empowered Holdings LLC merged its Data Vault practices with DataVaultAlliance Holdings LLC. Going forward the DVA is currently developing a world-wide Vendor Tool Certification Program. This program and it’s details will be available to any software or hardware vendor interested in participating. The program will list a set of standards that the tool needs to meet, in order to have the components that automate Data Vault, be certified.

Read more about this program on the Data Vault Alliance’s website.