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VaultSpeed @ World Wide Data Vault Consortium 2021

May 5th, 2021

Image Vault Speed World Wide Data Vault Consortium 2021

You simply have to check out the annual World Wide Data Vault Consortium on May 17 2021.
This is where the worldwide user community comes to get in-depth knowledge presenters about data hubs, the role of A.I., and of course, automation.

At the conference, VaultSpeeds will host three events: A hands-on demo session, roadmap presentation and customer succes stories. 
What’s more, you can get a special 20% reduction on the subscription from us.

Hands-on Session

Skip most of the data integration preparation with VaultSpeed

VaultSpeed’s data warehouse automation enables organizations to integrate data from numerous source platforms into one data vault. We harvest source metadata, users configure their source models and our engine delivers generated structures, ELT and workflows. Vaultspeed’s guided automation framework helps the user to combine and enrichmetadata from different sources in an intuitive way that corresponds to your target model.

Our out-of-the-box templates cover 90% of your implementation needs. They are 100% production-ready as VaultSpeed handles all the quality assurance and testing. We simplify the complex process of building a data vault by forcing the user to follow a pre-defined set of steps. This significantly reduces the chance of errors and ensuing rework.

VaultSpeed is quickly evolving. New functionalities are implemented every three to four weeks. Our cloud setup ensures our customers always run on the latest version.

We always try to help users eliminate time-consuming manual work and constantly work at developing new features by which they can reach even higher levels of automation.

Key takeaways:

  • Integrate sources into your data warehouse quickly using Data Vault 2.0 and VaultSpeed
  • Use VaultSpeed’s powerful source editor to tailor the Raw Data Vault and Business Vault towards your business taxonomy.

Customer Success

Vault Speed World Wide Data Vault Consortium 2021 2

There are a lot of aspects that can make or break your data warehouse project. We’d like to cover three of those using three cases from the real world: Time to market, cloud architecture and fulfilling business requirements.

Learn how VaultSpeed is speeding up the implementation process at Eurocontrol, Europes Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation, using its out-of-the-box templates. One year into the project, Eurocontrol conducted an internal ROI analysis.

We’re launching a huge project at Olympus, a global player in the MedTech market. As they are playing on a global level, they are moving their data platform to the cloud. VaultSpeeds cloud architecture fits right in.

Finally, no project succeeds without fulfilling business requirements and speaking their language. At Bank de Groof Petercam, VaultSpeed enabled developers to map their business taxonomy to the data vault model.

Roadmap Presentation

Vault Speed World Wide Data Vault Consortium 2021 3

The VaultSpeed automation is tool is at the top of the evolutionary/acceleration ladder.

Curious to know how a decade of hands-on experience in data integration projects has resulted in a SaaS platform that provides faster data warehouse automation?

For us, all along, that was the key of our evolution. It was not about our intrinsic strength or intellectual ability, but rather the ability to understand the difficulties that our customers encounter and adapting and tweaking our platform to help them survive.

And no, it definitely was not a rollercoaster. Or to quote Charles Darwin himself: “In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

We are living in an environment that continues to evolve. That’s why we’re happy to share a sneak peek of our Roadmap and how we see the world of data warehouse automation will evolve in the near and not so near future.