WWDVC 2019: the importance of the Data Vault 2.0 standard

May 21st, 2019

Piet De Windt

The 2019 edition of the annual WWDVC (WorldWide Data Vault Consortium) was opened in Stowe, Vermont with a brainstorm session on the importance of the Data Vault standard. The outcome was unanimous: if you need to process massive data volumes or if you need a real-time data vault, working according to the official Data Vault 2.0 standard is the way to go. Using all three major components comprised in this standard – the Data Vault Model, the Methodology and the Systems Architecture –ensures the delivery of true business value in a matter of days.

The DV2.0 standard has a rock-solid track record: each element was thoroughly studied and tested during the setup of terabyte data warehouses. And this standardized way of working is exactly what VaultSpeed offers as well. But that’s not all. The VaultSpeed development team of experts combine years of hands-on experience to create this data warehouse automation solutions that works: its easy setup and clean interface will automate any large-volume data warehouse.

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