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How to deliver ready-to-use data faster

Applying automation to the Information Mart

There is a tradeoff between the repeatability of a pattern and the level of customization. Information marts and some objects within the Business Vault need industry-specific logic that cannot be provided in a no-code manner.

That is why we let companies build and share their own template-specific logic by giving them access to the VaultSpeed template engine. You’ve read that right, our customers can build automation templates for the custom logic that they want to apply to accelerate delivery of ready-to-use data for presentation purposes.

In the last recorded presentation of the Data Dreamland conference, organized by Scalefree, Jonas De Keuster, our VP Product Marketing, explains the principles of how low-code automation allows our customers create repeatable patterns for the presentation layer. Spoiler alert, the best way to go about it is to build simple star schemas on top of the Data Vault.

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