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Creating repeatable data transformation patterns

VaultSpeed is thrilled to preview our upcoming Integrated Development Environment (IDE), beta-launched at the beginning of Q4.

The IDE allows you to create abstract ETL or repeatable data transformation patterns, significantly reducing the time needed to implement data runtimes and create data products.

In the video, we demonstrate how to build repeatable data transformations using a visual interface. Discover how creating a repeatable mapping for reference data, filtering it, joining it, and loading it into a dimension table is as straightforward as creating simple mappings.

Instead of using physical objects, we propose using signature objects—an abstract version of a table that captures similarities between physical implementations.

This next-generation abstract ETL approach eliminates the need for multiple mappings, boosting productivity.

Please indicate your interest in the beta release in Q4 by filling out the form. Please note that spaces are limited. Partners are also welcome to sign up. Feel free to share any specific use cases that could benefit you.

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