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Revolutionizing health data integration

VaultSpeed customer case study

How Norwegian Institute for Public Health is Using Data Automation and Smart Collaborative Strategies for Successful Data Integration and Delivery.

The Norwegian Institute for Public Health has an interesting approach for integrating hundreds of health databases from various sources, including hospitals, doctors, and dentists. They ensure comprehensive integration by building data contracts collaboratively with key stakeholders based on a conceptual data model. With the help of VaultSpeed’s automated data transformation (ADT) solution, they can implement these data contracts efficiently and accurately. This presentation explores how sometimes going slow can help you go fast in achieving integration goals.

Key Takeaways

  • Define a strategy for organizing working data contracts across the organization.
  • Design a data architecture for effective data integration.
  • How automated data transformation will help to implement this strategy in reality.


Marte Kjelvik

Senior advisor, project manager data platform

As the project manager of modernizing the health registries data platform, Marte is responsible for developing the organization's data platform in the direction of the organization’s objectives and strategies. Her background as an analyst and product owner for data warehousing is her primary competence. She is passionate about standardization through methodology and tools in data & analytics.

Jørgen Brenne

Technical project leader data platform and BI architect

"Through my 15 years of experience, I have learned that truly understanding a business and its needs is the key to successful data warehouse projects. It's about engaging in ongoing dialogue with the business and being ready to adjust as we gain deeper insight. Using an agile work process ensures that our data solutions are constantly refined and aligned with the business's evolving goals.

This iterative process keeps us responsive, ensuring that what we build are not just technical solutions, but truly insightful and helpful for the business. It's about being flexible and working closely with the business at every step to ensure our data initiatives really add value."

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