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VaultSpeed for dbt demo video

Level up dbt for enterprise data automation

VaultSpeed provides GUI, automation templates & metadata repository for analytics engineers to handle the complexity and scale of having to centralize huge amounts of data from disparate sources.

VaultSpeed supports dbt for deploying Data Vault transformation code, allowing generated modular SQL scripts to be stored, versioned, and run on the dbt platform. dbt's key definitions, data lineage, and dependency alerts make it an ideal solution for a Data Vault context.

Watch the video that will guide you through the steps of how VaultSpeed integration can level up dbt for enterprise data automation:

  1. Harvesting metadata
  2. Tech stack parametrization
  3. Business model mapping
  4. DDL & DBT model generation
  5. Pipeline deployment
  6. Orchestrated data loading
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Dbt illustration

A modeling interface on top of dbt

The VaultSpeed GUI allows engineers to create and view an enterprise data model by tagging objects and attributes from various sources to apply repeatable logic.

Our automation tool generates integration code as dbt models and macros and integrates with Git to push and retrieve code in the dbt environment.

The resulting Data Vault model is delivered to the CDP as DDL statements.

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