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Integrating different data source views into one comprehensive perspective

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A shared understanding of your company’s business processes, products, and target audience consistently clashes with the diverse terminologies that different business lines tend to employ.

This mismatch can lead to complications in data integration that not only impede timely decision-making but also pose a risk of missing out on business opportunities.

VaultSpeed is engineered to address this complexity. Adhering to Data Vault standards, it delivers a comprehensive physical data model that business understands and automates the integration and transformation of the source data into that model.

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About the author

Dirk Vermeiren has over 25 years of experience in data warehousing and worked for industry-leading companies such as Informix and Oracle. In 2008, he co-founded his first company to deliver top-notch data warehouse solutions with a focus on standardization and automation. Ten years later, these efforts led to VaultSpeed, the technology scale-up that has built the ultra-automated data transformation tool for productivity and agility. Today Dirk leads the product department as the CTO, pushing the limits of automation. Dirk is renowned for his thought leadership on data warehouse automation done right.

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About the co-author

Michael Olschimke is co-founder and CEO at Scalefree International GmbH, a Big-Data consulting firm in Europe, empowering clients across all industries to take advantage of Data Vault 2.0 and similar Big Data solutions. Michael has trained thousands of data warehousing individuals from the industry, taught classes in academia and publishes on these topics on a regular basis.

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