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Matillion reduces complexity and provides rapid time to value with data integration and data transformation software for cloud data warehouses.

Data integration built for the cloud

Matillion ETL provides users with data loading and transformation solutions built for the cloud, for Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Microsoft Azure Synapse, Google BigQuery, and Delta Lake on Databricks. Their cloud-native ETL helps customers: bring data into the cloud and take full advantage of the power of the cloud to make data useful.

Their platform built for enterprise deployment is the only one with advanced collaboration, security, and data sovereignty protection at its core. It helps data teams of all sizes get ahead of the curve, stay competitive, and deliver game-changing value back to their organizations.

Matillion integration

ETL Jobs are generated in Matillion, allowing users to view the loading logic in detail, which is beneficial for transferring knowledge and introducing new developers to an existing project. What is more, it significantly decreases time to market for any cloud data warehouse project while increasing scalability.

Matillion supports a lot of data source connectors to make it easy to load and transform any source data into your Cloud Data Warehouse or Data Lake.

Both Matillion and VaultSpeed support modern cloud data platforms such as Snowflake, and Azure Synapse. Google Big Query will be next.

Matillion illustration

VaultSpeed’s automation engine generates ETL jobs for Matillion and Orchestration code to execute ETL jobs for multiple technologies

In the Run mode, Matillion takes care of data loading from source to target using VaultSpeed’s auto-generated mappings. Matillion’s ETL engine ensures excellent loading performance.

From an operations management point of view, you can monitor your loads from within the Matillion interface. Additionally, you can build custom pre-staging and information mart business logic using Matillion’s intuitive ETL designer tools, and automate custom business rules into the solution with custom VaultSpeed Studio automation templates.

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Deployment of ETL into Matillion

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