Stream2Vault - VaultSpeed

Near real-time Data Vault.

Some companies need analyses to arrive at the point of action, for immediate use. The Stream2Vault plugin enables those companies to model streaming data by adding real-time capabilities to your Data Vault.

Get the full picture with one single data infrastructure

Stream2Vault, powered by our trusted partner reeeeliance, provides one single data infrastructure for every business needing the full picture instantly to be able to evaluate, predict and react to past and current events on the spot.

It utilizes state-of-the-art publish/subscribe mechanisms of modern event broker platforms enabling the support of multiple targets at the same time and allowing intelligent microservices to provide context to the data within the same streaming engine.

Various types of sources can be integrated with data streaming pipelines – e.g. Event Driven, CDC, or batch pulls – with no need for complex orchestration jobs or various database layers: all data is available and accessible in a centralized Event Broker. This allows the usage of microservices to provide any decoupled application with organizational data, for near real-time decision-making and operational workloads.

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Kappa data processing architecture

The Kappa data processing architecture that serves as the foundation for the Stream2Vault plugin allows for the integration of streaming and batch data sources for your Data Vault.

All incoming data is flowing through the same data streaming pipelines with the advantage of having only a single technology and a single “code-base” to maintain. Data sources that are only capable of delivering batches (of any size) are switched to stream data processing.

Utilizing VaultSpeed and UI-driven modeling to build simple but solid and scalable models for any kind of data enables automating the code generation for the streaming pipelines. This delivers the perfect tool for low latency data management, and for handling an exponentially increasing volume, velocity and variety of real-time data generated by devices, sensors, communication, or interactions.



  • UI-driven, no-code
  • Automatic code-generation, ready to deploy
  • Stream data in real-time into the Raw Vault
  • Plug and play for 100+ connectors
  • Data lineage generation
  • Test automation


  • No need for complex orchestration jobs
  • Ready to deploy code
  • Familiar SQL-like code with ksqlDB
  • Easily manageable Data Vault entities

Deployment options

  • Scalable and secure infrastructure as code
  • Self-hosted on AWS (Open Source or Confluent version) or
  • Managed by Confluent for AWS, Azure & GCP
  • Supported runtimes: KSQL, Google Dataflow

See the Stream2Vault plugin in action

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