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Australian IT services company delivering digital transformation and technology advisory.

Atturra is one of Australia's most extensive IT services and consulting
companies, focused on providing end-to-end transformation services to
its clients. Atturra goes to market directly and through several key
service offerings, including advisory and consulting, business
applications, cloud services, data and integration, management control
solutions, and change management and adoption.

Atturra is headquartered in Sydney and has offices in Melbourne, Canberra, Perth,
and Brisbane. With more than 500 people across Australia, Atturra helps
both the public and private sectors adapt and grow by delivering
business and technology outcomes. They offer their clients scale, market
reach, deep capability, robust management processes, and the stability
customers look for in a business partner that delivers results.

Asia & Pacific
Service Partner
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Governance
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Integration
  • Business Alignment & Adoption
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