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Meet VaultSpeed Sapphire, Our Premier Partner Network

Our highest level of training and readiness.

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A skilled chef is not only adept in the kitchen, mastering tools, techniques, recipes, and logistics, but also possesses a deep understanding of people and how to satisfy their diverse appetites.

This analogy perfectly encapsulates how VaultSpeed values our system integrator (SI) partners. These partners possess extensive knowledge of the capabilities of the VaultSpeed solution and also understand the specific needs of individual clients.

Today, we are thrilled to recognize our equivalent of Michelin-star chefs through the VaultSpeed Sapphire certification, our highest level of training and readiness, and to introduce our inaugural group of Sapphire-certified partners.

The creation of the VaultSpeed Sapphire program was driven by the need for top-notch consulting services for our customers. This encompasses not only a profound understanding of partner business teams, enabling them to identify customers' requirements and pain points and effectively communicate the advantages and outcomes of VaultSpeed, but also extensive technical expertise, including Data Vault 2.0 certification, in-depth knowledge of the VaultSpeed product, and crucial hands-on experience in planning, implementing, and operating a client's data warehouse using VaultSpeed automation.

"Partners who have achieved Sapphire certification are indistinguishable from VaultSpeed's own professional services team in the eyes of customers. Our Sapphire partners have invested significant time and effort to attain this level of expertise, and we have full confidence in their ability to lead the onboarding, deployment, and support of VaultSpeed for our customers."
Koen Verheyen
Koen Verheyen Head of Partner Solutions at VaultSpeed

In recognition of their efforts, VaultSpeed Sapphire partners will benefit from referrals from VaultSpeed for co-selling, onboarding, and deploying VaultSpeed-powered customers. Additionally, they will enjoy an enhanced compensation package, closer collaboration with the VaultSpeed technical team, and increased flexibility in channel routes-to-market.

"VaultSpeed's Sapphire certification positions PerformanceG2 exactly where we want to be—a role characterized by deep domain expertise, accelerated engagements, increased ownership and compensation, and recognition as a leader from an ISV that brings numerous advantages to our clients. Sapphire certification will have a significant impact on our pipeline and outcomes for our clientele."
Mark Schultze
Mark Schultze COO Performance G2

Now, without further ado, we're delighted to introduce the first cohort of VaultSpeed Sapphire Partners:

Sapphire partners North America
Sapphire partners Europe
Sapphire partners Africa APAC

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our VaultSpeed Sapphire partners. Together, we look forward to creating a promising future and delighting clients with our exceptional services!

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