In today’s world, data is plentiful. The challenge isn't in collecting but in shaping and integrating data to provide strategic insights. Connecting the various sources on a central platform, creating a common language, and making your data talk or even predict: that is what they do at DataSense.

Their goal is to act as a partner in companies and to extract strategic added value from their data. They focus on A to Z projects where support, co-development, and partnership are key to success. They guide their clients in integrating all their data sources into one Data Hub, setting up a self-service BI environment, and applying Data Analytics (including AI and Machine Learning). This enables their clients to switch to a data-driven organization and make better and faster decisions.

The enormous diversity of clients and projects allows their employees to share this individual knowledge. In this way, they expand their knowledge, and new insights can be formed, which in turn help their customers progress.

Service Partner
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Governance
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Integration
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