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Nexus Data

Nexus Data specializes in simplifying data management and analytics concepts, delivering lasting business value.

Nexus Data's process-based approach confidently enables decision-making by delivering high-quality reporting & analytics on the first attempt. Their approach produces the following high-value benefits:

  • Reduced rework, saving cost, and frustration
  • Data issues are identified and resolved early, improving the overall quality of reporting
  • Predictable and consistent delivery against timelines which supports business planning with confidence

Their technical approach enables the delivery of Tier 1-level data warehouses with the associated processes that allow you to:

  • Start small to meet immediate needs
  • Easily adapt to key business events (i.e., new system migrations, mergers & acquisitions, new compliance requirements, etc.)
  • Scale to meet the complex data consolidation requirements of large, multi-faceted groups of companies
  • Address large-scale group-wide advanced reporting and analytics requirements like cross-sell & upsell recommendations, customer churn analytics and predictions, and customer lifetime value analytics across multiple divisions and regions
  • Consolidate any number of internal or external data sources

Their focus is to teach you how to deliver using the same methodology-based processes, templates, and work plans so that you can own your own reporting journey going forward and gain these same benefits in the future without them having to stick around to support you forever.

Europe, Americas, Asia & Pacific, Middle East & Africa
Service Partner
South Africa
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Governance
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Integration
  • Change Management, Business Alignment & Adoption
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