reeeliance supports large corporations in the planning, design and agile delivery of analytics systems based on cloud technologies and using modern data stacks. We are experts in the design of data architectures and have a deep understanding of the requirements of business functions and domains.

Many companies struggle to fully exploit the data they own. They know
there is more value within, but are not capable of grabbing its
potential. This is why we founded reeeliance.

reeeliance is an IT consultancy specializing in information management, advanced analytics and cloud implementation where we strive for combining the
integration of operational systems with modern data stacks. We work
closely with our clients to deliver creative solutions that fix their
problems, create additional value, and help them transform into
data-driven enterprises.

Based in Hamburg and Berlin, we provide our clients with
the knowledge, strategies, and tools to set up efficient information
ecosystems that create sustainable competitive advantage and ignite
innovation within your whole company.

Service Partner
  • Data Strategy
  • Data Governance
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Integration
  • Business Alignment & Adoption