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Does the VaultSpeed generated code still work after the subscription expires?

April 12th, 2022

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Jonas De Keuster

Short answer? Yes, it does. More detail? Read on!

No runtime costs

VaultSpeed is not a runtime application. Our customers only pay for jobs related to Data Vault modeling and the generation of ETL and DDL code, not for loading actual data.

That code, which is vital to speed up the data warehouse delivery, is yours from the start. The code we deliver can be executed as many times as needed at no extra cost.

Our pricing model is not based on runtime.


VaultSpeed automation for faster data warehouse loading and data modeling.

No lock-in

Our code is customer-owned from the moment it’s delivered. That means that you can terminate a VaultSpeed license at the end of the license period without losing any of the code we delivered.

Today, it’s a purely theoretical concept, since customer churn has been zero for the last two years.

That’s partly because VaultSpeed doesn’t just accelerate building a data warehouse — it also increases agility. A data warehouse is a dynamic environment: data sources change, are added and source technologies get upgraded.

With VaultSpeed, data teams don’t need to build a new model from scratch when sources change: they only need to adapt the parameters and incorporate the changes into their existing model.

Or to put it differently, VaultSpeed supports the entire data warehouse lifecycle.


Data sources continually change.


So yes, your code will keep working if you terminate your VaultSpeed license.

Data warehouse deployment is a continual process. You can count on VaultSpeed’s agility – and our code – for a long time to come.