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We already use Matillion for our ETL. Does subscribing to VaultSpeed mean it’s a lost investment?

March 4th, 2022

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Jonas De Keuster
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VaultSpeed’s answer

VaultSpeed is a best-of-breed system that offers faster, better data warehouse automation. Our core business is the automation of the Data Vault model, which is becoming the default standard for data warehouse automation.

Matillion handles loading data from sources to that Data Vault. Matillion supports an abundance of data source connectors to easily load and transform any type of source data into the cloud Data Warehouse or Data Lake.

Both tools are very complementary. In fact, VaultSpeed actually accelerates Data Vault development with Matillion.

Best-of-breed strategy

At VaultSpeed, we’re not fans of single-vendor solutions where one vendor covers everything. That might look appealing because it can be deployed across an organization all at once. The problem, however, is that employees then have to rely primarily on the products in a suite, regardless of whether they’re the best solution for the task.

Choosing VaultSpeed will only increase the return of an investment in Matillion. Because VaultSpeed’s automation engine delivers generated ETL mappings for Matillion, the time to market for any cloud data warehouse project is drastically decreased. While the scalability level increases.

Both Matillion and VaultSpeed support modern cloud data platforms such as Snowflake, Azure Synapse, Databricks, Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery.

The automation of the integration process starts by harvesting source metadata, generating a Data Vault model based on these metadata. Using an intuitive interface, the data engineer can adapt that model to match specific business logic.

By automatically generating a Data Vault model that solves the complexity of the different sources, technologies and taxonomies, VaultSpeed does the heavy lifting for you.

We already use Matillion for our ETL Does subscribing to Vault Speed mean its a lost investment 1

Our customers only need to auto-deploy ETL code and workflows to the Matillion ETL repository and DDL towards their target environment.

Matillion takes care of the actual loading of the data from source to target using VaultSpeed’s auto-generated mappings. Matillion’s ETL engine ensures excellent loading performance. Customers can schedule, run and monitor your data flows from within Matillion’s interface.

They can also build custom business logic using Matillion’s intuitive ETL designer tools, and automate company-specific business rules into the solution by coding custom VaultSpeed Studio automation templates.