VaultSpeed going graphical (Release 4.1.8.)

September 10th, 2019

Tim Vanbrabant

Graphical editor for sources

With release 4.1.8., the focus was mainly on the graphical editor for sources. We supported the preparation of the metadata (table, column and relationship properties) using the object overview by clicking and changing properties.

Metadata preparation redesign

The introduction of the graphical editor combines it all in one screen to have an easy overview of your source while changing properties, adding relationships,…

Object properties

Once an object (and their neighbours) has loaded on the canvas you can add other ones, add relationships, change properties.

To add other objects you can choose between 'Add', 'Merge' and 'New'. 'Add' will add this extra object to the canvas and try to relate to the already existing objects. 'Merge'will take the depth into account by adding the selected table from the drop down list and its neighbours. 'New' will give you the possibility to start all over.

For every object on the canvas, properties can be viewed/edited. By clicking on an object, all the properties of the not-graphical editor can also found in here. Object properties, parameters,…

Attribute properties

By clicking on a certain attribute, properties of the attribute can be viewed or edited.

Relationship properties

Clicking on a relationship will show the real relations behind it in visual and textual format.

Clicking on 'Add Relationship' will give you the possibility to draw one or multiple relations between objects. If you have multiple attributes in the same relationship you can keep on adding relations or self relations. When you have all connections for one relationship you can save the relationship and give it an optional name.

When searching for a certain attribute while drawing relations, you can use the filter on the bottom of the table. For a self reference you get two filters.

As a user you can find out yourself in which cases you prefer the graphical one and in which cases the non-graphical. We hope you like the new editor as much as we do.