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Improved master data management and deployment status indicator (Release 5.4)

August 1st, 2023

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Jonas De Keuster
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Exciting news! Version 5.4 was released last week, packed with enhancements to our master data management support. Plus, we've added a status indicator for automated deployments. Stay ahead of the game with our latest updates.

Increased Master Data Management Capabilities

When consolidating multiple datasets into a data vault, it is crucial to establish a coherent business model that integrates them based on relevant business concepts. For example, when dealing with a vehicle dealership, the various types of vehicles can be regarded as distinct products. Consequently, consolidating them into one product hub would be the most logical approach.

When integrating data from diverse datasets, a critical question arises: Which source is the master of the data?

There can be multiple answers to this question:

1. All sources contain master data.
2. One source is considered the primary/master, and others are secondary/slave.
3. A more intricate combination of the above, offering various options.

VaultSpeed allows you to tailor the setup to your needs entirely. In the HUB management menu, you will find a dedicated page where you can choose between various options.

1 Master slave relationships

In the latest release (version 5.4), developers can now define master-slave relationships within a data vault at the source object level. This means that entities from a hub group can be set as slaves of other entities from the same source. To showcase this new feature, we have included a picture below that displays all the possible combinations supported in VaultSpeed for Master Data Management. This update allows VaultSpeed to support single master or multi-master objects within a HUB group, both within a source and across sources. Furthermore, objects can be defined as merged masters within a HUB group within a source.

2 Hub group customers

Deployment status indicator

We are excited to share that we have made a significant update to our automatic deployment screen, bringing you real-time deployment status for each generation. With this enhancement, you can effortlessly track the success or failure of any deployment, ensuring a smooth and error-free process.

Additionally, the API endpoint (GET /generations) provides vital information on deployment time and database links used. We now have everything covered to make your deployments as seamless as possible!

3 Deployment status

Agent updates

Finally, we wanted to let you know that there are some important updates available for our agent, which might mean that you need to reinstall it. The Snowflake and Databricks drivers have been updated to later versions and it is recommended to ensure that your connection string is updated accordingly.

More details about release 5.4 are in our change log.