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New year 2023 update

January 12th, 2023

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Piet De Windt

2022 has been a year of adapting to the new reality. The world has changed, investor perspectives changed and VaultSpeed has made a strategic move: from aiming for high growth to focusing on growth efficiency.

Growth efficiency

Our focus resulted in another year of robust and continuous triple-digit growth with a net revenue retention rate of 134%. Our burn multiple of 1.1 is excellent.

More and more businesses rely on VaultSpeed to accelerate and simplify the build and maintenance of their data warehouse. We’re also enabling them to automate custom business logic — think of calculations such as currency conversion, lifetime value (LTV) or net-present-value (NPV) — to feed your dashboards and reports, regardless of your physical data structure. Today, we are the only vendor that can offer this type of abstract repeatable logic.

Vast scope of automation

We strongly believe that everything is a repeatable pattern, meaning that the scope for automation is vast. More automation means doing more for less effort. That will be more valuable than ever in 2023, with the prospect of an economic downturn, albeit mild, hitting both sides of the Atlantic. And that’s why we are looking forward to a strong 2023, thanks to increasing demand for our automation solutions.

Ecosystem expansion

We will soon announce to the DBT community of 16,000 companies, our integration with the DBT data transformation tool — transformation being the ‘T’ in ETL. DBT offers a cloud-based and open-source product that will greatly benefit from the automation capabilities that we can deliver on top.

We’ve doubled our global service partner network in 2022 — from 11 to 27 partners. We’re also getting more and more endorsements from the big tech players, crafting joint articles with Microsoft and Matillion, and closing partnerships with Databricks and Snowflake.

Our collaboration with Snowflake and, will allow data teams to implement agility and automation at every step of the deployment process.

Aligning interests

VaultSpeed is a product-focused company with a list of leading customers, but it’s still early days for us. Our goal has always been to align the interests of our customers and shareholders. ‘Decency’ has and will continue to be a driving force for us. Before scaling up, decency meant building a working solution that we could offer at a fair market price, under proper conditions backed by A-level support. As we continue to grow, decency remains no overpromising or marketing without rock-solid substance, every step of the way.

I want to thank our investors for believing in this imperative, our customers and partners for their loyalty and trust, and the entire VaultSpeed team for their relentless enthusiasm and fantastic work. I wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2023.