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Snowflake automation demo

Automate your AI Data Cloud

See how VaultSpeed automation speeds up the design, creation and deployment of a Snowflake AI Data Cloud.

Accelerate your Snowflake setup

Watch the video that will guide you through the steps of how VaultSpeed automation makes it possible to get your AI Data Cloud up and running in days or weeks and not months.:

  1. Harvesting metadata
  2. Tech stack parametrization
  3. Business model mapping
  4. DDL & DBT model generation
  5. Pipeline deployment
  6. Orchestrated data loading

Snowflake integration

VaultSpeed extracts metadata from any source and creates an integrated data model that allows your business users to extract valuable insights from your data. It effortlessly integrates with Snowflake and generates instructions to develop Snowflake ETL procedures, enabling the creation of a Data Vault model that suits your needs.

Snowflake architecture

The Data Vault model can be easily incorporated into your Snowflake AI data cloud through DDL statements, which are automatically deployed.

When it comes to ETL, you have various options available. You could opt for an ETL tool like Matillion, DBT or Talend. Alternatively, you could use Snowflake procedures to deliver your ETL.

To import your data into Snowflake, we integrate with most CDC tools like Matillion ETL or HVR. Additionally, you can use Snowflake's Snowpipes to handle file structures or streaming topics.

Create workflow schedules

Use VaultSpeed’s flow management control (FMC) add-on module to ensure that all data pipelines are executed at the right time, in the right order.

Deploy and schedule your workflows in best-of-breed schedulers like Apache Airflow or Snowflake's native scheduler.

Snowflake airflow

A solid foundation for analytics and applications

Before you can create data products, you must have access to data. This is where VaultSpeed comes in, allowing you to continuously move your data to the cloud.

With your data in place, you can develop applications and run advanced analytics that can help your business generate new value or provide solutions to complex, end-to-end inquiries that lead to informed business decisions.

When requirements change, you can easily rebuild and reload your data in the analytics or application area. Meanwhile, the Data Vault layer safely collects and stores all the necessary data.

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