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How to successfully automate your Snowflake Data Cloud

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Everyone is looking to be more agile as they move to the cloud, but there has never been more data than there is now and data is growing exponentially everyday. Data is also more shared and distributed than ever across an increasingly complex technology landscape.

This leads to major challenges in data productivity and data consumption. Legacy solutions are not able to cope with the volume of data today - this has created an ever-increasing data productivity problem.

Watch our recorded webinar to learn how and VaultSpeed can help you:

  • Successfully deploy and manage a Data Vault on Snowflake
  • Develop data products faster and manage their lifecycle
  • Reduce the costs of your data pipelines for Snowflake
  • Bring more agility, flexibility, and resilience to change over time

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Dirk Vermeiren 4

Dirk Vermeiren is CTO at VaultSpeed. His lifelong experience in data management stretches over 25 years. He used Data Vault as the driving methodology for building large data warehouses. Along this path, he was one of the driving forces behind a Data Vault automation framework that gradually evolved into the product: VaultSpeed.

Guy Adams

Guy Adams is CTO and co-founder at He is a passionate advocate of #TrueDataOps and the #1 Snowflake Data Superhero globally. He was a founder of the #TrueDataops Philosophy ( and author of DataOps for Dummies eBook.

Guy is a multi-award-winning technology leader, architect, lecturer, and world-wide speaker.

Keith Belanger

Keith Belanger, Chief datafluencer and technical partner at EonCollective is a passionate Sr Data Management Leader. With over 25 years in Data Architecture and Information Management, Keith is highly experienced at assembling and directing high-performing data focused teams and solutions. Keith combines a deep technical and data background with a business-oriented mindset with excellent communication skills.

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