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Automating business logic

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In this webinar, you’ll learn that Data Vault automation is not restricted to loading data but can also be applied to the presentation layer.

There’s always some repeatable business logic – think of calculations such as currency conversion, lifetime value (LTV) or net-present-value (NPV) - to feed different reports, even if all of them contain different information.

We explain how you can create custom business templates and add additional layers in the information marts, to apply calculations repeatedly and even interdependently, thereby extending the scope of Data Vault automation from integration to presentation.

This webinar focuses on practical solutions.

  • How to get data out of a Data Vault.
  • What’s a PIT what’s a bridge.
  • What’s meant by virtualization.
  • How to identify low-hanging fruits, i.e. the repeatable business logic in your solution.
  • How to automate those business rules using VaultSpeed.
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Michael Olshimke

Michael Olschimke is the co-founder and one of the Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of Scalefree, a leading IT consultancy firm in data warehousing, business intelligence and big data. He co-authored the book “Building a scalable data warehouse with Data Vault 2.0.”

Jonas De Keuster

Jonas De Keuster is VP Product Marketing at VaultSpeed. He had close to 10 years of experience as a DWH consultant in various industries like banking, insurance, healthcare, and HR services, before joining the company. This background allows him to help understand current customer needs and engage in conversations with members of the data industry.


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