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Boost ROI of data infrastructure with automation

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Generating return from a modern data infrastructure is tough.

First, creating a central repository for easy data access requires much upfront, traditionally manual work to set up data ingestion, mapping, metadata management, etc. Changes in sources, tech stack and taxonomies require more work. Or someone new comes on board and proposes building an entirely new model to answer the same business question. Typically, all this pushes the data team to take shortcuts to regain lost time, creating technical debt.

In this webinar, we’ll explain how automation done right, following Data Vault 2.0 standards, will not only cut manual work but solve problems of agility, uncertainty and output quality, to ultimately provide the return you expect.

Learn about what can go wrong — and how to get it right.

  • Common pitfalls in data management.
  • How the problems were solved in the past: what worked and what didn’t.
  • How Data Vault methodology combined with automation brings new solutions …
  • … And how this will save you time, and money.
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Michael Olshimke

Michael Olschimke is the co-founder and one of the Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of Scalefree, a leading IT consultancy firm in data warehousing, business intelligence and big data. He co-authored the book “Building a scalable data warehouse with Data Vault 2.0.”

Dirk Vermeiren 4

Dirk Vermeiren is CTO at VaultSpeed. His lifelong experience in data management stretches over 25 years. He used Data Vault as the driving methodology for building large data warehouses. Along this path, he was one of the driving forces behind a Data Vault automation framework that gradually evolved into the product: VaultSpeed.

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